About Me and Bead Wow

About Me

Hi, I’m Julie.

I used to be an avid knitter. I love yarn – and salivate over the different colors and textures just in the skeins alone!  I gravitate toward intarsia and cables the most – manipulating colors and textures to produce stunning patterns.

Then one year, I went to a Vogue Knitting event and took a class on how to knit with beads, really just as a way to fill the Sunday morning before heading home. The class involved pre-stringing beads on yarn and then slipping one bead per knit stitch as specified in the pattern. My takeaway was this is incredibly boring!

I thought there must be a better way to combine knitting and beading, so I took a year off from knitting and learned how to bead so that I could combine the two crafts more creatively.

That was about 3 years ago, and I have become consumed with beading! I love creating my own designs – the possibilities are endless!

About the Bead Wow App and this Site

At one point, I wanted to use a bead loom to make one of my designs into a bracelet and found there was no easy way to make the pattern. Because I worked with mobile apps in my career, it made sense to create an app that could easily transfer my own design into a loom pattern where the bead size is part of the equation…Bead Wow was born!

This site is for all beaders. While I believe that you will enjoy using Bead Wow – if you do bead looming – this site is for all Beaders.  Post your work, whether they are finished products or patterns for others to enjoy. 

Additionally, you can add a link to your online store and/or your blog through your Bead Wow profile, where other Beaders and site visitors can learn more about you.

We do not ask for membership fees to post your work and links on this site. However, please click on the ads at the bottom of each page and listed on the side of the Forum page. We earn small commissions off of these affiliate links.

I’ve found through my knitting and beading that getting to know the people behind the pieces is as fascinating as what they create.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to send me any feedback.

– Julie